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Case Results

We start with the belief that everyone accused of a crime or DUI deserves skilled, experienced, high quality representation. After all, your freedom and your future are at stake.

I have an excellent track record of aggressively defending clients in:

  • State Court cases,
  • Federal Court cases,
  • Juvenile Court cases,
  • DMV hearings,
  • ABC license hearings

I have won dismissals for my clients facing felony and misdemeanor charges, the result of years of experience representing and caring for my clients. I am here to provide the help you need.

  • Marijuana DUI Dismissed

    October 2021

    DUI charges alleging that the driver was under the influence of Marijuana are hard for the police to prove.  These cases can and should be fought, we did and got the case dismissed for our client. Read On

  • Driver’s License Saved!

    June 2021

    The client was facing a four month suspension of his driver's license because he was arrested for a DUI.  We won the DMV hearing and saved his driver's license. Read On

  • Porterville DUI dismissed

    August 2020

    Our client was facing a Misdemeanor DUI with a blood alcohol of .12 in the Porterville court.  Through the hard work of mr. Jones, the case was dismissed. Read On

  • Won DMV hearing and saved client’s license from suspension

    September 2021

    Client was arrested for DUI and facing a suspension of his commercial driver's license.  The night of the arrest, a witness had had called the police and told them the client was asleep in his car and was awaken by the witness.  When the witness testified at the DMV hearing and was cross examined... Read On

  • Felony DUI Reduced to Misdemeanor

    December 2020

    The client was facing a second offense felony DUI in the Kings County Superior Court.  She faced the possibility of 3 years in prison.  We obtained the victim's medical records and were able to prove that he was not injured in the DUI accident.  As a result the case was reduced to a misdemeanor, ... Read On

  • Fresno misdemeanor DUI dismissed

    October 2020

    Client was stopped by CHP officer who claimed the client was swerving out of his lane onto the shoulder of the road.  We obtained the video from the CHP car and prepared a suppression motion.  At the hearting the CHP officer was questioned about what he saw and why he stopped our clients car.  Th... Read On

  • Got a .19 DUI reduced to a “Wet Reckless”

    July 2021

    Client was facing a DUI in the Fresno County Superior Court with a blood alcohol level of .19.  We found irregularities in the testing and got the charges reduced to a wet reckless.  Saved the client's driver's license from suspension.  He had to pay a fine and complete a 12-hour school.   Read On

  • .14 DUI reduced to wet reckless

    October 2021

    Fresno DUI case with .14 BAC test result reduced from DUI to “wet reckless”. Read On

  • DMV set aside - driver’s license saved

    January 2020

    Mr. Jones won the DMV hearing and saved the client's driver's license from suspension.  BAC .20 Read On

  • Visalia DUI Case Dismissed

    April 2018

    Tulare county DUI and Driving without a license case dismissed. Read On

  • Felony Robbery and Assualt charges Dismissed!

    June 2017

    Our client was facing multiple felony charges including robbery (Penal code 211) and assault with a weapon (Penal code 245(a)(1)).  The client was looking at a maximum sentence of 6 years in prison with two possible strike charges.  Mr Jones took the case over from the appointed public defender. ... Read On

  • Wet Reckless for DUI charge with BAC of .12

    May 2017

    Client was facing a DUI charge in Fresno Superior Court.  Her Blood test results showed a BAC of .12.  Mr Jones found irregularities in the handling and testing of the blood and was able to use that to get a wet reckless for the client.  The reduction to a wet reckless saved the clients driver's ... Read On

  • Got a Wet Reckless on a .15

    March 2017

    We filed a motion to suppress evidence for violation of our client's right.  We were arguing that the officer did not have probable cause to stop the client's car after he followed her from a bar. The client was arrested for DUI and took a blood test which showed a BAC of .15 almost double the le... Read On

  • Won the DMV Hearing, Saved his Driver's License!

    May 2017

    Client was pulling out from a gas station, CHP stopped him, smelled alcohol, and arrested him for DUI. We had a DMV hearing and argued the officer did not have a lawful reason to stop our clients car. The DMV hearing officer agreed with us. The client got his license back! Read On

  • Fresno DUI with refussal dismissed.

    September 2016

    Mr. Jones worked on the client's case for a year and was able to secure a dismissal. Read On

  • Fresno DUI with refussal dismissed.

    September 2016

    Mr. Jones worked on the client's case for a year and was able to secure a dismissal. Read On

  • Fresno .12/.13 BAC DUI Case Dismissed

    February 2016

    Mr. Jones won a dismissal of a .12/.13 BAC, Fresno DUI case. He proved that the defendant, who was sitting in his parked car sleeping when he was approached by officers, was "not driving" under the law. The case was dismissed. Read On

  • Fresno Indecent Exposure Charges Dropped and Case Dismissed!

    June 2016

    Through extensive discussions with the District Attorney's office, Mr. Jones convinced the DA that they could;d not prove their case. He got a dismissal for a client accused of misdemeanor Indecent Exposure. All charges were dropped. Read On

  • Fresno DUI case reduced to Drunk in Public

    October 2015

    Mr. Jones negotiated the reduction of a second offense DUI in Fresno County to a simple Drunk in Public charge.  The result saved the client from a second DUI conviction, jail, heavy fines, and a lengthy DUI program. Read On

  • .43/.44 DUI Case Dismissed

    August 2015

    Madera County DUI.  Case Dismissed! Read On

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