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Payment Plans

It's easy and affordable to retain our services

Jones Law's founding attorney pride himself on providing high quality legal defense for our clients at very reasonable rates. We work with our clients to enable them to afford the quality legal services that we provide. Jones Law is one of the few law offices that under appropriate circumstances, will allow clients to make payments on their legal services.


Of course , we would prefer that our clients be able to pay in full for their services at the time they decide to hire us to help them.  We offer many options to allow this to happen… Cash; Check; and Credit Cards accepted.


Jones Law understands that often people are not able to pay in full upfront for the cost of their legal defense.  In many cases we will accept a down payment and then work out a monthly payment arrangement, so you can afford the quality representation our firm provides.  Do not hesitate to ask about payment plans when you call.

Jones Law is here to help.