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  • What sets us apart?

    Over 22 years of Experience

    Extensive experience in DUI & Criminal Cases

    Over 100 Trials

    Former Deputy District Attorney

    Police Academy Instructor

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  • Why Hire Us?

    Police Officers, Sheriff Deputies and Court personnel know which DUI & Criminal defense attorneys are the best, they see them in court everyday.

    If they hired me, knowing my abilities and reputation, when they were facing criminal charges why wouldn’t you?

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  • DUI

    Being stopped by police, arrested and charged with a DUI is an upsetting experience. A DUI is not just an inconvenience. If convicted that conviction will show on your record and you face suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, jail time, high fines, and you will have to enroll in a DUI class.

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  • Criminal Defense

    People who have been arrested and charged with a crime are usually suffering from stress and are fearful about their future. Criminal charges are very serious and the consequences of a conviction can change your life.

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The Central Valley's

Top DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney

Being accused of a DUI or other crime can be devastating. A DUI or criminal charge or conviction can change your life, affecting you, your family, your job, even your future employment… in many cases, you also face the loss of your freedom… that is why you must select a defense attorney that will help you avoid these consequences.

If you are in Fresno, Madera, Kings, or Tulare County and have been arrested and/or charged with a DUI or other crime and you are seeking an attorney to represent you, it is critical that you choose one who is experienced in defending DUI and criminal cases, one who is proven and prepared to aggressively defend you. Not all attorneys have the courtroom experience to fight effectively for your rights.

Jones Law's founding attorney, David E. Jones is one of the top attorneys in the central valley with 20 years of experience in criminal law including as a Deputy District Attorney and as an instructor at the Police Academy.  He knows DUI and criminal cases from both sides; he know how the police, prosecutors and judges think. David Jones has handled thousands of cases and done over a hundred trials. He puts that experience to work for you.  He will see to it that you are treated fairly.

David Jones has the experience and capability to handle your case…

"I have years of experience handling cases in courts throughout central California including: Fresno, Madera, Kings and Tulare County.  This allows me to offer you high quality DUI and criminal defense services with a deep knowledge of the judges, prosecutors and procedures in the exact court where your case is pending. To learn more about my background and experience go to the “Attorney Bio” page."

Why Hire a Former Deputy District Attorney?

A Deputy District Attorney develops specific skills, and much of their time is spent developing cases and taking them to trial. There is nothing more valuable than trial experience, and an inside knowledge of how the District Attorney develops a case to pursue a conviction. At Jones Law, the founding attorney served as a Deputy District Attorney for 12 years, and has a great insight into every aspect of a DUI or criminal case, including how the other side thinks.

Personal Representation and Individual Attention in Each Case

Attorney David Jones will not pass your case on to a young associate or lesser-experienced attorney. Attorney Jones will personally handle your case.

If you have questions regarding DUI or criminal defense do not hesitate to contact our  office to schedule a consultation. Call us at 877-775-8110, or complete our online contact form.