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Attempted Murder

Attempting to commit a serious crime, such as murder, is also a crime in California. Attempted murder is taken very seriously and often carries a significant mandatory sentence. If you have been charged with or are under investigation for this offense, it is crucial that you seek competent counsel immediately.

An attempted murder conviction may result in 15 years or more imprison.

Elements of Attempted Murder

In most jurisdictions, attempted murder charges consist of two elements:

  • The offender took direct action towards killing another person
  • The offender's intent was to kill the person

Direct Action:

Merely wanting or planning to kill someone will not result in charges of attempted murder.  The offender must take a step towards completion of this act.  This may be the use of a weapon in such a manner that would potentially cause death, stalking the intended victim, or luring them to a specific location in order to commit the act.

Intent to Kill:

Causing serious bodily harm or disfigurement is not enough to prove a charge of attempted murder unless there was intent to kill the person. Sometimes the act itself shows intent, however.  For example, stabbing a person in the leg might not show intent, while stabbing them in the chest would be sufficient for proof, as the action would most likely end in death.

The Most common defenses used for an attempted murder charge is Lack of intent, self-defense, or insufficient evidence.

If you are facing a charge of attempted murder, Jones Law is ready to fight for you.