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Robbery is considered a violent offense in California and penalties can be severe.  Robbery is when property is taken by force or threat from another individual in their immediate presence. The law requires the victim to be present otherwise the crime will most likely result in a charge of theft.

California Robbery Penalties

In the California statutes, robbery is separated into two different categories by seriousness. The sentence you face depends on the exact charge, the circumstances of your case, your criminal history, and a variety of other factors.

First Degree Robbery is when the robbery is committed in someone's home or against a cab driver, bus driver, or driver of another vehicle. If you are convicted of this offense, you face 3,6, or 9 years in prison.

Second Degree Robbery is the charge you will face if your situation does not fit the criteria for first degree robbery, above. This charge carries up to 2, 3, or 5 years in prison.

IF you have been charged with robbery or are out on bail, contacting a competent attorney should be your very first step.

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