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Mr. Jones believed in me

I was arrested and charged with two felonies, accused of assaulting someone with my car and then with a handgun. The police contacted me at my house, where I was with my family for a BBQ. The police treated me like I was guilty from the start. they did not want to hear from my family and ignored their statements that I had been at home with them at the time the assault happened. The police also ignored the fact that my car had no damage to it. I have never been in trouble before and was very scared. I found Mr. Jones, he took the time to listen to me, he talked to the witnesses and he reviewed the evidence including the photos of the damage to the victims car. Mr. Jones spent a lot of time with me and fought hard on my case. He used his contacts and found a retired CHP officer with accident reconstruction experience to look at my case and prepare a report stating that the damage to the victim's car could not have been cause by my car, which had no damage whatsoever. As a result of his work, the case against me was dismissed. Thank you for believing in me Mr. Jones.
– Sunhthamara D.