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I recommend David. Jones!

My son and friend were charged with three serious felonies, including robbery. Mr. Jones was hired to represent my son. The case was tried together. The end result of the case was one misdemeanor with probation, a small fine and no jail time. Mr. Jones was hired to represent my son because as I spoke with him for the first time on phone he was filled with knowledge. As I met with him in his office he was most compassionate. I asked him to defend my son as if he was his own, and well.. he did! Mr. Jones has many years as a criminal lawyer and I believe that with all of his experience he is nothing less than an excellent attorney. He is smart and strategic. He is highly respected amongst his peers. He answered all of my phone calls promptly and kept up on all current laws to help our case. He's nothing less than the best. Do not hesitate to hire him.
– Lisa L.