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06 Dec

Common DUI Myths

Posted by David Jones on Dec 06, 2013


Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths circulating around DUI-related crimes. There are stories that are told and many people buy into them without thinking twice. This can lead to unfortunate circumstances and considerable confusion. At Jones Law, we encourage our clients to get their answers straight from the source so that they can be confident knowing that they have a solid understanding of the law and that they have a clear idea of what they are dealing with. Some of the several myths about DUI that have made their way into poplar belief include:

•  MYTH: Eating and / or waiting for a period of time will lower BAC

This is untrue. While eating can help with combating the effects of alcohol, it actually does absolutely nothing to help with lowering BAC. The best bet that someone has at lowering their BAC is to just wait, and more than an hour. Studies have shown that the highest spike of a BAC occurs about an hour after the last drink as the body is steadily catching up with the consumption.

•  MYTH: Spraying breath spray can help lower BAC levels

Again, this is not a true way to lower BAC. In fact, the opposite is actually true in many cases. Most breath sprays contain traces of alcohol and other active ingredients that can actually aggravate a BAC level rather than lowering it. Beyond this, most law enforcement officers will suspect something if they can tell that you've used breath spray which will heighten suspicion and create an even more complicated situation.

•  MYTH: Putting pennies or metal in the mouth can trick the Breathalyzer

This is a common believe and a popularly used strategy, however, it has no merit. It is completely an urban myth to think that the presence of metal will change the way that the Breathalyzer works at detecting alcohol.

•  MYTH: Refusing to cooperate with the police will help your chances

This could not be further from the truth. The best thing that you can do after being pulled over is to be cooperative with law enforcement officers. Be polite and do what you can to avoid antagonism; being uncooperative will only make the situation worse and raise suspicion. By acting civilly, you are only making things easier.

These are just some of the common myths surrounding drunk driving and they certainly are not all of them. If you have recently been charged with a DUI, you owe it to yourself to get an experienced DUI attorney who can help fight the charges.

David Jones

David E. Jones is a Central Valley area DUI and criminal defense attorney who represents those accused of DUI and other crimes in both state and federal court. Mr. Jones has practiced criminal law throughout Fresno, Madera, Kings and Tulare counties since 1996. Mr. Jones was a Deputy District Attorney for Fresno County 12 years and has been an instructor for the Police Academy for over 10 years. He is an experienced and respected trial attorney.

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